A New Logo Design For Capital 4 Training

November 5, 20190

The logo is an important part of any company's Identity. In this post we'll go through our brand new logo.

Things are stirring in Capital 4 Training. We’ve completed a total brand overhaul, and one of the many change’s comes a brand new logo design. We went through a few ideas, all of which were great, but eventually, we settled down on the one we have to show you today. We’re excited to show it off to you, and can’t wait to hear what you think!

So why are we changing it?

This obviously means that our old logo isn’t suitable anymore, and we’re going to go through our thought process with you as to why we’re changing it.

Our old logo wasn’t very appealing. The colours we used for the old logo were bland, boring, and overall, didn’t represent the brand to it’s fullest. It was difficult to place on stationery such as Letterheads, Compliments Slip and Business Cards. Our overall brand wasn’t consistent across anything, so with this new logo, comes a new, consistent Capital 4 Training, and you’ll notice this across our company going forward.

The old Capital 4 Training Logo

The new logo!

Let’s talk about the new logo, and how it’s an improvement for the company.

With the new logo design comes a new face of the company. Straight away we can see that the main body is clear, all Capitals with an easy-to-read font. With the main body, we also introduced a Strap-line. The strap-line is simple and to the point; it immediately tells the viewer what our company is about and what we do.

The icon we decided to go with is 5 rectangles that create negative space, producing a 4 within the negative space. We really like this design, it’s simple and eye-catching; the colours really make this pop.

New Capital 4 Training Logo

We hope you like the new logo as much as we do and we’ve still got a lot to show you.

If you’d like to read about the new website, you can find it here.


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