Benefits of being an Apprentice – Tuesday

February 4, 20200

Get to grips with all the advantages of being an apprentice, from discounts to new skills and knowledge.

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 #NAW2020 #LookBeyond

Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to learn new and unique skills which you’ll then be able to apply to a workplace. Capital 4 Training are going over the benefits of being an apprentice as a part of our contribution to this year’s National Apprenticeship Week 2020.

Earn a wage as you learn valuable skills
When you embark on an apprenticeship, you’re not only learning new and valuable skills to help you in the immediate future, you’re earning a wage as you learn. While the initial wage won’t be as much as if you were in full-time regular work, once a year passes your wage will go up. Not only that, but once the apprenticeship finishes, there’s a chance that the employer might keep you on in which case, you’ll be earning a full time wage.

You’ll become instantly more employable
Once you’ve successfully completed your apprenticeship, you’ll be awarded with a certificate with a recognised qualification. If you aren’t kept on at the place you completed your apprenticeship, that qualification will speak volumes to any employer. They’ll see that you have both the experience in your chosen field of work and have a shiny qualification to prove it.

Enjoy discounts for your favourite activities
Being an Apprentice means that you’re actually a student as you’re learning new skills. You can apply for an NUS card. This card allows you to get amazing discounts for things like Gym Memberships and your favourite places to shop. It’s easy to apply too, just go online, the best thing is it only costs around £11.

Get experience as you learn
As you earn and learn on an apprenticeship you’re also getting a real feel as to what it’s like being in the workplace. You’ll gain actual experience as to how a regular working day feels. So when you do move on to full time regular work, it’ll just feel like another day. All you’ll need to worry about is being shown the ropes.

Develop your skills!
On an Apprenticeship you’ll be learning new skills, but you’ll also be developing skills that you already have. You’ll be able to put known skills to practical application in the workplace, allowing you to further develop and tweak skills you already know.

We hope you found this useful and hopefully you’d like to embark on an Apprenticeship after hearing the benefits of being an apprentice. Or if you’re an employer, hopefully you’d like to employ an Apprentice.

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