Benefits of hiring an Apprentice – Wednesday

February 5, 20200

Employers! It's time to find out why hiring an apprentice is a great idea!

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 #NAW2020 #LookBeyond

You’ve heard the benefits of being an apprentice. Now lets tell the employers why hiring an Apprentice is a great idea, as part of our participation in National Apprenticeship Week 2020

Breath of Fresh Air
A fresh faced apprentice in your workplace can really breathe new life into your workplace. Apprentices come with an eagerness and will to learn that can really increase your company’s productivity as an apprentice is always looking to impress, going above and beyond.

Increased Productivity
An apprentice will always be looking to impress, which means they’re going to get jobs finished, and finished to a high standard. If you’re an employer looking to hire a fresh faced young adult for your business – An apprentice is the perfect choice.

Tackle a Skill Shortage
Sometimes employees lack certain skills and hiring an Apprentice is an excellent choice. A new fresh faced apprentice, with their learning tailored to fill that skills shortage would be an ideal addition to your business as it allows you to, over time, fill that skills gap.

Tailored to your business
When you hire an apprentice, you’re not just hiring another employee, you’re hiring an employee that can gain experience through the way that they are taught. You can shape your apprentice, tailoring them for your business through learning schemes to do with the course.

Hiring an apprentice is a huge boost to your workforce, and unlocks so many opportunities for your business to progress. Capital 4 Training specialise in Training and Apprenticeships for businesses, so get in touch with us today if you’re looking to up-skill your staff.

Join us tomorrow as we discuss the Types of Apprenticeships that you can embark on, explaining the levels and what they mean.

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