Benefits of the Level 5 Operations Manager Course

February 25, 20200

Looking to boost your management skills? Look no further.

Operations Manager Level 5

An operations / departmental manager is someone who manages teams, projects, and achieves operational or departmental goals and objectives, as part of the delivery of the organisation’s strategy – but why should you take this course?

The role of Operations Manager won’t be for everyone, as with any Senior Role, it’s going to come with some high-level stress situations, so let’s first address the types of soft skills you’ll need as an Operations manager:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Good motivational skills.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Exceptional organisational skills.
  • Awareness of internal and external customer needs.

What are the benefits of being an Operations manager?

Job Satisfaction
As an operations manager, you’re going to get a great deal of satisfaction from your work – Leading projects and managing teams successfully will boost your confidence in the role, giving you a sense of accomplishment and increasing job satisfaction.

Personal Development
With this role, you’re going to be constantly learning new things. The ability to adapt to emerging technologies is going to help you in the job. You’ll develop your skills through on the job learning, developing your skills through practical means.

The role of Operations manager, like any senior level role will come with it’s fair share of stressful situations, but it’s by conquering these situations that you’re going to learn important skills. Make no mistake, this is a challenging role to be in – but if you’re headstrong, you’re going to go far.

Obviously, as with any senior role, the salary you’ll be earning is going to pay a decent amount of money. According to PayScale the Median Salary for an Operations Manager in the United Kingdom is £35,000, while the Lowest 10% Paid is £23,000 and the top 90% paid is £54,000

What’s next after an Operations Manager?
The most common roles to continue on to after an Operations Manager role are General Management jobs or you could become an Operations Director – according to PayScale, the Median Salary for an Operations Director is £61,000 The lowest 10% being paid £36,000 and the top 90% being paid £94,000.

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