Changes are here for the Digital Apprenticeship Service!

January 15, 20200

Changes are here for the Digital Apprenticeship Service, read more now!

Things are stirring for smaller businesses and the Digital Apprenticeship Service. Starting this month (January 2020) non-levy paying employers can now use the Digital Apprenticeship Service to receive funding.

We know that’s a broad bombshell to drop, so let’s go through the specifics together:

The Digital Apprenticeship Service opened its doors to large employers in May 2017 to be exact, with promises of expanding to meet the needs of smaller employers at a later date, meaning that the D.A.S. and all of its benefits are going to be available to small business owners who don’t pay into the levy. It’s January 2020 now and Capital 4 Training is excited to tell you about how non-levy-paying businesses are now able to make use of the D.A.S:

1) The Initial Rollouts.
It’s going to begin with an initial rollout phase – This Test phase will be between January – March 2020. It is an exciting opportunity to get yourself on-board, and Capital 4 Training would love to talk to you about it – So get in touch today!

2) Full Access to D.A.S.
During this test phase, you will have full access to the benefits of the Digital Apprenticeship Service, with additional funding being made available to fund up to 15,000 new starts through the D.A.S.

3) Initial Limits.
You will initially be limited to three active reservations per company – this is so the service can forecast Apprenticeship funding to ensure that the spending on apprenticeship training remains affordable within the Government’s budget.

4) Worry not! Help is on hand!
If you’re struggling to deal with all of this new information, we at Capital 4 Training would love to help you out, so get in touch with us.
Lots to be excited about if you’re a non-levy-paying business.

**It is important to note that any small business looking to make use of the D.A.S. must create an account and reserve the funding for a maximum of 3 apprenticeships. This is not a commitment to say you have to use the funding, however, it means that the funding will be guaranteed for your staff members to start between January – March if you wish.
You can make an account at **

Get in touch with us today if you have any questions regarding these changes to the D.A.S.

Telephone: 0191 261 9752

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