Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

February 10, 20200

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Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

CPC is required for LGV/HGV drivers. So let’s go into a bit more depth about what it is and how it benefits you.

What is a driver CPC?
A ‘Driver CPC’ or Certificate of Professional Competence is a qualification that you are required to have if you professionally drive a Bus, Coach or Lorry. If you do not have this qualification and drive a bus, coach or lorry then you can be fined up to £1000 for driving professionally. You must also complete the training within the country that you work, or normally live in.

What does a CPC do?

  • A CPC improves driver knowledge and skills before they start driving, giving them a better understanding of how to drive a Large Goods Vehicle/Heavy Goods Vehicle.
  • It will also help to develop the driver’s knowledge and skills throughout their working life, through training that has to be completed – precisely 35 hours of training must be completed once every 5 years.
  • Having a CPC also improves road safety through better qualified drivers – so it’s worth having not only so you can drive LGV/HGVs professionally, but because you’re making the roads safer too.

If you are new to professional driving
If you aren’t already a professional driver and are new to professional driving you must pass an initial Driver CPC Qualification before you can drive professionally. There are 4 Modules that you must complete:

Module 1 – Theory Test
Module 2 – Case Studies
Module 3 – Practical Test of driving ability
Module 4 – Vehicle Safety demonstration

You must pass all 4 Modules to be able to drive professionally.

Driver CPC by Acquired Rights
If you are an existing professional driver, you will have ‘Acquired Rights’ for 5 years – This means that you are deemed to have Driver CPC for 5 years. This applies to you if you are:

A bus or coach driver and have your vocational licence (D, D1, D+E and D1+E)
A Lorry driver and have your vocational licence (C, C1, C+E and C1+E)

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