Managing your Apprentice

February 4, 20200

Here's some tips on managing your apprentice.

Managing Your Apprentice

As apprenticeships are a huge part of what we do as a business, we’d like to give you some helpful tips on successfully managing your apprentice. If you want to get the most out of your apprentice, these tips should help you to do so.

Some places that take on apprentices have a very informal induction process, which in some cases is fine, but it’s always a good idea to try and make it as formal as possible.
When an apprentice starts it’s a good idea to make sure that they have a clear understanding of how their role fits into the team; What the strengths are and which tasks that their role makes them best suited for while also giving them lots of practical guidance. Give the apprentice lots of information and guidance about their role. Always keep them up-to-date on health and safety as well, making sure they know where the first-aid and Fire Exit are. During the induction process make sure that they know who to ask if they have a question or need to bring up a problem.

Clear Expectations
Make sure that the apprentice has a clear expectation of what tasks they are expected to carry out, and at what kind of rate, and what kind of standard will improve the chances of a successful apprenticeship. Giving the apprentice a clear idea of what their role is on the team, and what kind of tasks they can come to expect will make sure that the apprentice feels comfortable in their role, knowing what they need to do to get the most out of their apprenticeship.

Review Progress Regularly
You can get the most out of your apprentice by reviewing their progress regularly – this will help make sure they are going in the right direction; that they are getting the training and support that they need. This also gives the apprentice an opportunity to bring up any issues and problems that they are having during their apprenticeship, or if they need extra help and support when preparing for things like the endpoint assessment.

Give them Feedback
Make sure that your apprentice gets enough feedback about the tasks that they perform. Some apprentices may need more reassurance than others that are performing their tasks correctly. It can also boost the confidence of the apprentice which makes the workplace a lot nicer and can improve productivity within the workplace, having a positive impact on your business.

Give autonomy where it’s possible
We know that apprentices need plenty of support and guidance, supervising them is a key part of their learning, making sure that they perform their tasks properly. An important part of anyone’s job satisfaction is slight bit of trust over their work. Try to allow the apprentice to tackle jobs their own way, allow them to make decisions on their own and give them a sense of ownership over their work tasks.

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