New Transfer Service to Help Businesses and Promote Apprenticeships

October 8, 20210

New Transfer Service

New Transfer Service to Help Businesses and Promote Apprenticeships!

There is a new transfer service being introduced to help apprenticeships, this has been introduced by the government to help businesses to create more apprenticeship opportunities to help people get the jobs they want. An apprenticeship that this blog focuses on is Construction Plant Operative.

New Transfer Service

What is the transfer service changing?

With this new transfer service, large businesses will be able to provide funding to smaller businesses, through a professional government service to help create and recruit for apprenticeship opportunities. Large companies can already transfer 25% of their annual levy pot to support other employers by offering apprenticeships. However, this service will provide a simplified process for both employers looking to transfer and businesses looking to access the funds.

New Transfer Service

Who has provided funds to help apprenticeships?

Global consultancy and construction company Mace Group participated in a pilot to test the new system last month. They first pledged £100,000 and will continue to provide £350,000 to £500,000 each year for other businesses to access. Once the transfer service is in place the funds will be advertised on the dedicated page and then businesses in the construction industry can access these funds and create apprenticeship opportunities.

New Transfer Service

There are a few other companies who have taken part in the pilot:

• Amazon (£50,000)

• University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (£200,000)

• Thurrock Council (£100,000)

• Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (£75,000)

• HomeServe (£40,000)

• East Sussex County Council (£40,000)

• London Borough of Islington (£30,000)

Apprenticeships are a great way to provide people with a chance to retain, update their skills and move into growth sectors. By making it less difficult for employers to benefit from apprenticeships, the new transfer service will allow for the levelling up agenda to thrive. It will also allow you people to reach their career goals.

Apprenticeships are often supported by many people, here are a few quotes from professionals stating their opinions:
Apprenticeships and Skills Minister Gillian Keegan said:

His opinion on apprenticeships:
“Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for employers to ensure they have a highly motivated and diverse pool of talent in their workforce, while also enabling people to get the skills and experience they need to get ahead.”

His opinion on the new transfer service:
“I’m pleased we’re making it easier for smaller and medium-sized businesses to offer apprenticeships, which will unleash exciting new opportunities for apprentices and ensure that every business can benefit from the productivity and skills of apprentices.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak said:

His opinion on the new transfer service:
“Our small and medium-sized businesses are the cornerstone of our economy, and so I’m thrilled that we’re making it easier for them to take on apprentices.”

“Our Plan for Jobs is equipping people with the skills they need to find work, and I’m immensely proud to see these new reforms providing even more apprenticeship opportunities.”

If you want to know more information on the new transfer service then go visit the website. The link to this page is here:

This new transfer service will become popular with many businesses as it is benefiting apprenticeships, they are aiming to promote and push forward apprenticeships at any level. If you want to know more about the apprenticeships offered at Capital 4 Training the go over to our website as we have a variety of different options and offer all levels.

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