Can You Do An Apprenticeship If You Have A Degree?

October 28, 20190

Are you interested in an Apprenticeship, but don't know if you meet the requirements to do it? We'll answer some of these questions in today's post.

Can you do an apprenticeship after you have finished university?

It wasn’t that long ago where Apprenticeships were just something recent graduates of school would do in an industrial setting. Apprenticeships have changed in nature over the years. Through the effort of many different people apprenticeships can now be seen as a legitimate form of higher education.

Can you do an apprenticeship if I have a university degree?

The answer is Yes. In many cases graduates from university with fresh degrees find it hard to be employed without experience. Students with knowledge of subjects but no practical skills may struggle to find work. An apprenticeship can grant you the experience and skills needed to become employable. Apprentices aren’t just about manual labour anymore and you can be employed as an apprentice even with a university degree.

Am I eligible for an apprenticeship?

Yes! In 2017 the British government changed the rules on graduates applying for apprenticeships and as a result, introduced the apprenticeship levy. They also created new apprenticeships at levels above 5, these new apprenticeships are equivalent to a University degree and even a master’s degree qualification. Employers and organisations now gain funding for employing graduates. This way there is a massive incentive for employers to employ graduates this way.

Are there still entry criteria for graduates?

Yes there are some rules. Graduates can’t apply for an apprenticeship if they already have a degree in the same filed as the apprenticeship they’re applying for. For example If you had a degree in web design you wouldn’t be eligible for an apprenticeship in web design. Therefore the training must provide new skills and content to the learner. Meaning different to the skills they learnt through their time at university.

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