Safer Internet Day 2020

February 11, 20200

Get involved this Safer Internet Day, help keep young people safe online!

Safer Internet Day 2020

It’s Safer Internet Day 2020 and all around the UK organisations are coming together to help spread awareness of the importance of a better, safer environment online for young people. You can help get involved this Safer Internet Day by spreading the word on social media using the hashtag #SaferInternetDay

Remember to highlight the positive uses of technology
Technology can be scary at times, but it can also be amazing, let’s spend today highlighting the creative and safer ways of using technology. Teaching children to use technology in a responsible, respectful and creative way can really have a positive impact on them, and teach them important skills for the future working environment.

It’s also important to highlight the negative uses of social media
In an ideal world, there would be no dangers of using social media – however that’s not the case. It’s important to teach young people the dangers that can occur online. Making sure that they are aware of the dangers will make them less likely to be at risk online.

How successful is Safer Internet Day?
A good question, in 2019 Safer Internet day reached 46% of young people aged 8-17 and it reached 26% of parents in the UK. That’s almost half of all young people aged 8-17 that were made more aware of being safe while online.

What is this year’s theme?
This year’s theme is ‘Together for a Better Internet’ which is a great theme for getting people involved and to teach young people all about using the internet in a safe manner. So get involved on Social media, see how you can help the young people of today.

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