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Staff training can often be expensive, in some cases costing upward of £2000 per day. Have you thought about putting your staff onto apprenticeship programs?

Instead of hiring new staff or paying for expensive staff training, why not give your trusted employees new skills through an apprenticeship.

The term apprenticeship has the stigma of being associated with a young person learning a trade. Apprentices have changed over the years, they could now be described as an extremely cost-effective form of staff training, that anybody over the age of 18 can undertake. More and more businesses every year are taking advantage of apprenticeship programs to give their staff valuable new skills and in turn, help your business to thrive and grow.

At Capital 4 Training we specialise in training existing staff with new skills through apprenticeships from industry professionals. Our courses can be delivered remotely and your staff can continue to work for you throughout the duration of the program.

We have a range of apprenticeships available to choose from covering a large range of sectors and levels. From groundworker all the way to content producer. it’s never too late to learn new skills.

All of our apprenticeship courses are Government-funded. Meaning the government will put forth a massive amount of funding towards your staff training. In most cases, you may only have to pay as little as 5% towards the cost. This amount can be paid in installments over the course of the apprenticeship.

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Who are Capital 4 Training and what are our specialties?
We have a range of apprenticeships available.
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Have a look at some of our Apprenticeships

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Level 5



An operations / departmental manager is someone who manages teams, projects, and achieves operational or departmental goals and objectives.

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Level 3



A solid Digital Marketing strategy can increase sales but an outside firm may charge as much as £130 per hour. Instead, why not retrain your existing staff with new skills through a government-funded training course with us!

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Level 2



Instead of hiring outside staff, why not teach new skills to your staff from within your company? We can train your employees to become Qualified Groundworkers.

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