Time to Talk Day 2020

February 6, 20200

It's time to talk day 2020. So get in touch with someone you know suffering from mental health issues.

Time to Talk Day 2020

Today is ‘Time to Talk Day’ a day which, as it suggests, is time to talk about mental health issues. Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 of us – and we’re going through how talking about mental health issues can drastically help a person’s wellbeing.

Be Patient
Sometimes it’s difficult for someone to open up – and that’s ok. Sometimes just asking if someone wants to talk is enough to make it easier for them to open up in the future. If the person doesn’t want to talk about anything right now then don’t push them or get on their backs about it as this can often lead the person suffering to become more recluse.

Don’t offer quick fixes
It can be hard to restrain yourself from offering advice to a friend in need when it comes to mental health. However sometimes advice you think is helpful can actually be harmful and affect the road to recovery, even just chatting to the person suffering from mental illness can be a huge help to them.

Don’t treat them differently
It’s important to treat a person suffering from mental health issues the same way you would always treat them. They often don’t want to be treat any differently, so make sure that if you do support them then keep it simple

3 Tips for talking to someone with mental health issues

Give them space to express how they’re feeling
Coping with mental health issues is tough, and it isn’t easy to open up about it because of the stigma that’s attached to it. Don’t push someone to talk about their feelings, let it happen naturally. Once they feel comfortable, they’ll open up about it to you.

Ask questions and Listen to their response
It can be helpful to ask a person with mental health issues questions, for example, ‘How was your day?’ ‘How are you feeling’ but it’s no use when you don’t listen to their answer. Make sure you listen to their answer – knowing someone cares is a big part of their road to recovery.

Think about the time and the place
Sometimes it can be hard talking face to face with someone suffering from mental health issues, they could feel uncomfortable, so even just walking next to them and chatting or even just giving them a call or text can make the world of difference.

It’s Time to Talk, so get in touch with someone you may know suffering with mental health and have a chat.

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