Tips for applying to an Apprenticeship – Saturday

February 8, 20200

Here are some handy tips for applying to an apprenticeship.

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 #NAW2020 #LookBeyond

It’s Saturday! You’ve heard the benefits of being an Apprentice, you’ve heard the benefits of hiring one too, and even learned of some Celebrities that once embarked on an Apprenticeship during their younger days. Hopefully we’ve peaked your interest in starting an Apprenticeship yourself, so Capital 4 Training would love to offer you some tips for applying to an apprenticeship

Research the Apprenticeship Thoroughly
When applying for an Apprenticeship make sure you research it thoroughly. Make sure it’s exactly what you want and make sure it’s offering the skills you need. If you conduct proper research into an Apprenticeship Course, you’ll manage to get the most out of it as you can.

Treat the application process as if you were applying to a regular job
Applying for an Apprenticeship is no different than applying to a regular full-time job. The employer wants to make sure that you’re going to be a useful member of the team whilst working for them, while also making sure you’re getting the most out of your apprenticeship. Put 100% effort into applying for an Apprenticeship to show that you are committed to the job.

List your experience, Hobbies, and interests
It’s not just your experience that’s going to score you an Apprenticeship, if you have similar hobbies and interests to the Apprenticeship you’re applying for, it’s going to pop out to the employer, showing them that you already have an idea as to what you need to do to successfully complete the course. It also shows them that you’re interested in that field of work, which is a huge bonus.

Be realistic
When looking for an Apprenticeship to apply to, make sure that the apprenticeship is within your already existing skillset. A lot of employers looking for apprentices will require that the apprentice already have a set of skills/knowledge. Don’t worry if something isn’t within your skillset, something will turn up that is, which can then help to unlock that course you couldn’t do before.

Join us tomorrow as we discuss the best ways to get the most out of your apprenticeship, going through how even small actions can give a huge impression to your boss as well as your co-workers.

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