Why having a Groundworker on your team will help your construction business!

October 22, 20200

Why having a Groundworker on your team will help your construction business

Not everyone understands the importance of groundworkers they make sure your project or building gets off to the right start. It is vital to new buildings as it is the first step of the construction process. Groundworkers are vital to any construction site, you must make sure you have one in your construction business. The role of a groundworker is to make sure that your building will not collapse. The roles of a Groundworker include:

· Ground investigation

· Site clearance

· Substructure

· Ground stabilisation

· Landscaping

· Terrain

· Foundations

· Underpinning.

Here are 5 reasons why having a groundworker on your team will help your construction business:

1. What they do?

A groundworker prepares the ground by clearing the site, digging trenches for the foundations and removing any necessary drainage and pipework. This is the first step of your construction; for instance, you would not be able to start your project without it falling in front of your feet (not good!). It helps create the layout and structure providing the strength required to hold the building’s weight.

2. Transferrable skills?

Groundworkers can not only just complete groundworks for you. They are transferrable between many different jobs which is a huge advantage and can save you money in the long run. For example, they can work on heavy construction, civil engineering sites as well as house building and working on general building sites. This helps your construction business as you are not only hiring a groundworker, but a versatile apprentice, with many skill sets and the ability to adapt to different jobs.

3. How are they useful?

Groundworkers save you a huge amount of time and money in the long run if done right. This is because if they do not do their job right it could result in potential damages meaning extra in costs in the future. (Which is not good!)

4. The fundamentals they cover

Another way in which groundworkers are important to have in a construction business is that they cover the fundamentals needed. For example, foundations they have a very important function Including supporting the load of the building and ensuring that it is secured against winds and floods also, making sure it prevents moisture from getting into the building’s structure.

5. Consider who you hire

It is not only important to have groundworkers in your construction business, but it is also important to have staff with experience who you know will do a good job. They need to be well organised and efficient. With a contractor who can build and design a well-planned groundwork without any concern of the size of the project. You need a professional. Having groundworkers who can do it right is a huge investment.

Therefore, groundworkers are very important to a construction business as they are the starting point of each project. Having them as a part of your business will make you successful in the future and are a great investment and asset to have.

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