Digital Skills

What are Digital Skills?

Most jobs these days require an understanding of digital technology. Furthermore, developing these skills to an intermediate or advanced level can open up new career opportunities for you. Digital skills cover a whole range of activities, including how to:

  • use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or personal computer to get onto the internet
  • communicate online using email and social media sites
  • work from home using online tools like Zoom, Skype, Teams and Facetime
  • create online accounts to access services and buy goods
  • use the internet to search for reliable information
  • behave safely and legally online
  • use programs such as Microsoft Word, or Excel
  • interact with customers from company social media accounts

More advanced digital skills could be:

  • coding a website
  • using photoshop or other advanced software
  • marketing on social media platforms

The Drive to go Digital

Maintaining a connection with family and friends can be made easier through the digital world. The more confident you are about your digital skills, the more likely you are to obtain a job and keep it.

You will have better access to information, advice, and services when you learn new digital skills. Learning, training, and career opportunities will be more accessible to you the more confident you are on the internet and using online communication.

  • More than half of all CEOs say it is difficult to find candidates with advanced digital skills.
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t.
  • In the UK, at least 82% of online job advertisements list digital skills as a requirement
  • In order to capitalize on jobs that could boost the UK economy by 12 billion pounds, 750,000 more people with digital skills are needed in the UK.

Free Courses

Below are some free courses that you can take that will help improve your digital skills. These courses are all self-paced, meaning you can easily fit them around your schedule.

  • Digital Skills for Work and Home – A great offering from FutureLearn that covers the basics of the digital world.
  • Computing Skills for the Digital Age – This tongue-in-cheek course will make you fluent in computer basics, from folder hierarchy, email etiquette, presentations, and more.
  • Master Microsoft Word or Excel – Two comprehensive courses on Udemy from Phillip Burton, an expert on the entire Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing – Google’s offering isn’t just free, it offers you an accreditation from the Open University upon completion.
If you have any questions please get in touch

If you have any questions please get in touch

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