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Capital 4 Training are a fresh and innovative provider of training and learning, we are passionate about supporting employers and providing exceptional staff training.

Our training team is committed to ensuring that all our students have a positive and successful learning experience, through a wide range of mediums to meet the training needs of your business and your employees. We are constantly looking for new ways to give the best training possible, such as conference calls, online lectures, online learning platforms as well as the traditional methods. 

From the initial stages, through to completion, we provide a quality service that will ensure the training is best suited to your specification. Our Business Development Team is on hand to offer guidance on your training requirements and will suggest ways in how you can accomplish the best outcome. You will be given full support, from our dedicated tutors who are on hand to help you throughout the course.

Apprenticeships are designed for employees of any age, after all, you are never too old to learn!

Existing staff can benefit greatly from an Apprenticeship programme. Staff training can make them feel valued and lead to long-term retention of your team. Employees who are highly motivated and eager to learn, prove to be more productive in the workplace.

Staff Training & Recruiting an Apprentice

By offering an apprenticeship to a young person or beginning staff training, you’re offering them the chance to develop and grow within your business. They’ve been known to bring new ideas and help transform your presence in the marketplace.

In conclusion, we’re more than happy to help you. Above all, we want to make sure your experience with Capital 4 Training is the best it can be.

Did you know...

Be it through Levy funding or through the Digital apprenticeship service there are plenty of ways to get extra funding for your new apprentices
There have been 319,000 apprenticeship starts reported to date between August 2019 to July 2020
for the 2019/20 academic year
On average, achieving a level 2/3 apprenticeship boosts company earnings by 11% and 16% respectively. Although there is variation by subject, most subjects deliver a return of around 10%.
Employers say that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications.
There are over 1500 apprenticeship job roles available.
Apprenticeships can improve local economic growth in a number of ways. They are intended to improve the skills, wages and future career progression of participating individuals. They can also impact on the productivity of those firms taking on apprentices.
Capital 4 Training Newcastle Training and Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships are an amazing way to introduce new talent into the workplace, or to increase the talent of current employees.


Apprenticeships are an amazing way to introduce new talent into the workplace, or to increase the talent of current employees.

In a government survey from 2017, 86% of employers reported a positive benefit from ‘the development of skills relevant to the organisation’ by hiring apprentices. Three-quarters of this survey also reported ‘improved productivity and better quality of product, service and staff morale’. Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to increase the skills and abilities of employees as well as providing them with key knowledge and experiences to excel in their career.


With funding provided by the government, we're able to provide top-quality, tailored, relevant training to apprentices and existing employees.

As a result, companies are liable to pay the levy if the wage bill is £3m or more. Regardless if they’re Private, Public sector or charities.

Capital 4 Training Offers Employers a wide selection of courses for staff training purposes, contact Capital 4 Training - The best training provider in Newcastle

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Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to learn. Here at Capital 4 Training there are a wide variety of Apprenticeships to choose from; The skills you need are just around the corner.

Our methodology relies on dedicated tutors. As a result, we're able to provide the best quality training that we can.
The apprenticeships we provide are delivered in the workplace or at a location nearby throughout the UK ensuring a suitable learning environment.
We offer apprenticeship training on a national scale meaning we're able to provide exceptional training wherever you are located.

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Capital 4 Training are a private training provider, whose ethos is based on good quality training.

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