Case Study: A New Logo For Capital 4 Training

October 29, 20190

If you haven't noticed - we have a new logo. In this post we're going to discuss the thought process that went behind it, as well as why we're changing it.

In this case study we will be looking at the creation of the brand new logo for Capital 4 Training.

Logos are an important part of a company’s brand. It sets the rules and guides for anything that a company produces. A meaningful logo should contain distinctive colours and shapes that make your logo instantly recognisable. The designer selected for creating this logo was Capital 4 Training’s own Paul Jackson with the help of Fearless Creative they designed a logo that captivates what the company is all about.


Pencil Sketches, Adobe Illustrator.

What was the task

Creating a new logo for Capital 4 Training.

Let’s begin

This particular designer submitted his logos against other designers within the company, and then ‘winner’s’ logo would then be picked by Fearless Creative’s Leon Wilkes. However right now we’re going to go through the actual design process, as well as look at some of the other designs that were created.

The customer wanted a totally new design to replace his old logo; something that was instantly recognisable, distinct and unique. As a result the designer found that the best way to tackle this was by looking for inspiration from companies. Companies that provided the same service that Capital 4 Training does lead the designer to find that most other companies used a very simple and ‘corporate’ design, as the logos were tailored for a specific audience.

Originally, the company’s logo was a rounded shape; As a result this made it difficult to fit it onto company stationery such as Business Cards, Compliments Slip and Letterheads. The Director of the company wanted to move away from the old logo completely – which meant a totally new and unique design.

Using Adobe Illustrator, the designer created some colour variants.

Capital 4 Training 4 Colour VariationsCapital 4 Training Alternate Logo Colour Variations

Afterwards, the logos were all put into a PDF. Leon Wilkes then reviewed the logos before gathering us to discuss each other’s logo designs; Each providing an argument as to why our logos were the best.

And Finally…

Leon Wilkes of Fearless Creative then presented all logos to the Director of Capital 4 Training – Andrew White. Here’s the final logo:

Capital 4 Training Logo

The director of Capital 4 Training was happy with the end result. The stationery and website are undergoing a redesign featuring the new logo.

If you’d like to learn more about the Designer and Fearless Creative you can visit their websites: and

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