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April 2, 20200

The Digital Apprenticeship Service

According to employers in the UK the workforce has a lack of technical skills in the workplace which makes it less productive then other countries. The digital apprenticeship service is part of the government’s plan to fix this problem.

The digital apprenticeship service helps employers in 4 key ways.

By putting employers in control

By offering new apprenticeships

A focus on quality

Encourage diversity and social mobility

The DAS was set up in 2017 for levy-paying companies which are companies that have a wage bill exceeding £3 million. This service allows them to get their funding and allocate their apprenticeships. However, if your company isn’t as large as this then all apprenticeships are handled through the government.

By autumn of 2020 the government wants all apprenticeships to be applied for through the Digital Apprenticeship Service which means even non-levy companies are now able to access all the benefits that come with the DAS, including the choice of a range of standards, the ability to reserving funding and the choice of a multitude of training providers.

What can you do?

Any small business that wants to use the service must create an account and reserve funding for a maximum of 3 employees.  Reserving isn’t a commitment to using the money, it just guarantees that your company will get its share. With this in mind, make an account at

In conclusion any company that’s wage bill is smaller than £3 million can get apprenticeship training for only 5% of the course cost through the DAS. So register an account. If you have any questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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