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October 28, 20190

In today's blog post we're going to talk about our brand new website. It's a lot sleeker than the old website. We're also going to go through why we've decided to change the website too.

Things are continuing to change here around at Capital 4 Training. If you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a brand new logo and with it, a brand new website. Our brand overhaul means that we’re changing everything, and we’re not stopping there. In an upcoming blog we’ll be showing off our brand new company stationery. We’re excited to show off our brand new business cards, Compliments Slip and Letterheads. However right now we’re going to show off our website, but first, let’s go through why we’re changing it up.

What was wrong?

The old website was made quite a long time ago, it was riddled with bugs and glitches.

Old Capital 4 Training Website.Old Capital 4 Training Website

The overall look of the website is dated, with a basic design it never really represented us and what we do as a company. It’s change was inevitable and we’re much happier with our brand new website.

Let’s take a look at the new website

New Capital 4 Training Website 1           New Capital 4 Training Website 3New Capital 4 Training Website 2          New Capital 4 Training Website 4

We’re not going to show you everything here but as you can see our brand new website is a lot more sleek, modern and easily accessible. With colourful and related images, it immediately represents us as a company. The colour scheme of the website is within brand, and as a result features Red, White and Black.

All information is up to date on the website so you’ll never lose track of the information you need.

In Conclusion, We’re super excited to show off the rest of the brand overhaul and in the next blog post we’ll discuss our brand new stationery pack which includes Compliments Slip, Business Card and Letterheads.

You can read about our brand new logo here.


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